September 23, 2019

Josh Hamilton’s Ex-Wife Is on a brand new Reality Show About Dating A younger guy

Josh Hamilton’s Ex-Wife Is on a brand new Reality Show About Dating A younger guy

Katie Hamilton did not understand life’s Marrying Millions had been going to be therefore money-heavy.

To be reasonable, manufacturers associated with show told the 37-year-old it absolutely was about couples in 2 various phases of life, Hamilton claims. Hamilton discovered out of the truth show’s name about a before it aired month.

“I types of had a mini coronary arrest the initial week of filming it was so focused on money,” she says because I could tell.

The show follows four partners by having an age that is significant wealth gap. Hamilton, who had been as soon as hitched to previous Texas Rangers celebrity Josh Hamilton, is featured in the show along with her boyfriend, 23-year-old aspiring rapper Kolton Pierce.

Hamilton and Pierce came across through Hamilton’s earliest child, Julia. But Pierce states the show attempts to make it appear like he and Julia were youth close friends, whenever the truth is, he previously understood her just a few days before conference Hamilton.

It had beenn’t until Pierce was over at Hamilton’s household and noticed some mail from the countertop which he recognized whom she ended up being and exactly how much cash she had.

“we began stuff that is looking on the web,” he says. “But i did not understand whom these were in culture’s eyes for at the least a week or per week . 5.”

The 2 have already been dating for eight months (at the time of July 17, Pierce states), plus they began shooting the show merely a months that are few they began dating. Although some individuals might believe it really is a fake relationship and only for television, Pierce states he would not do this to Hamilton’s young daughters.

Pierce states he’s got met Josh and states he had been “cordial.”

“He’ll state simple things that come off as disrespectful, but he does not understand me personally,” Pierce claims of their gf’s ex. “He does not really understand me personally, I really do not actually hold it against him. But i am hoping the very best for him.”

Through the very first bout of the show, Katie informs the digital camera that she did not desire the divorce proceedings from Josh. In 2015, Josh, who has got struggled with liquor and medication addiction, filed for divorce or separation after 11 many years of wedding during one of his true relapses. Katie informs us it had been a time that is tough.

“It had been pretty tragic exactly exactly what proceeded with Josh and I’s divorce proceedings,” she claims. “no body understands. Extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely people that are few exactly just just what really took place throughout that time also it ended up being tough. It had been really tough. I experienced been through great deal with Josh currently, and I also did not think such a thing might be harder than coping with their break addiction. But this definitely gave that a run for its cash. It absolutely was one of the most difficult things i have ever experienced. And perhaps also harder because my young ones had been included. As he ended up being addicted to split as well as their worst, our children had been young, thus I had been able to shield them from many most of it.”

Katie says up to the final day for the divorce proceedings procedure, she asked Josh to visit guidance he refused with her, but.